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Conference Photographer in Durham

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Which of the following would you choose if you had a mansion to sell in Durham and you wanted to advertise it in the best possible manner a Commercial Photographer or an Architecture Photographer? The answer is rather simple, in this case most people would definitely pick an expert in Architectural Photography because the difference in their names gives away their professional domain.

But there are cases that are sure to befuddle you, consider the following: do you know when to hire a Corporate Event Photographer and when a Conference Photographer? Even though their names sound similar, they do, in fact, involve a slightly different set of skills. One may be better at organising rowdy delegates, and the other at being discreet and using available light. Conference Photography has its similarities with Corporate Event Photography and layman may struggle to tell the difference!

Commercial Photography and Architectural Photography may seem two worlds apart in the universe of photography but a Freelance Photographer may be skilled at both. An intuitive understanding of lighting techniques and corporate requirements serves a Commercial Photographer just as much as an Architectural Photographer but you must be aware of all the differences in order ensure that the money spent on hiring a photographer doesn’t go down the drain. If you’re unsure, just call me!


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