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Conference Photographer in Edinburgh

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Photography is perhaps one of the most misunderstood professions of all time. There are two distinct classes of photographers in the market today, known as Freelance Photographer and Staff Photographer. The primary difference is that a freelancer must be good at many things be that Architectural Photography, Corporate Event Photography or Commercial Photography, not to mention Conference and Event Photography whereas a Staff Photographer is employed by one firm and is more likely to specialize in a particular field.

All of these different types of professional photographer share common qualities: they’ve mastered the required techniques of photography and they take pains to make sure their images are the best they can be. It’s important for you, the client, to make sure you choose a Freelance Photographer with the right skill set. For instance, if you had a special occasion at your office, you’d require the service of a Corporate Event Photographer. Similarly, an Architectural Photographer is necessary when people need great pictures of buildings and structures for a magazine or website. A professional freelancer may well be good at both – but not always.

And if you’re wondering about the use of a Conference Photographer or Corporate Event Photographer, these guys are responsible for delivering professional images of conferences and events, designed for marketing the event in future. You might imagine that a Corporate Photographer and a Commercial Photographer are similar but often the truth is, whilst they all have similar equipment, they each have very different styles of work and a varied approach to the subject at hand. Therefore, if you need to find a good photographer in Edinburgh, make your decision only after you’ve sifted through all the options – and don’t forget to look at my portfolio while you’re choosing!


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