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Conference Photographer in Gateshead

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What do you think is different between a Freelance Photographer and a Corporate Event Photographer? Despite the apparent difference in the names of their profession, there’s often quite a large overlap. The first person does Freelance Photography, which can include anything from simple retail events to industry exhibitions and beyond. In Corporate Event Photography, on the other hand, the photographer must focus solely on the brief that the corporate client will have specified to the photographer. It’s quite possible, however, that those requirements can be met by a suitably experienced Freelance Photographer. The same cannot be said of a Conference Photographer who only doesConference Photography.

Also, in cases when the need is Commercial Photography, a Commercial Photographer is hired to create images as desired for commercial publications and literature of that sort. And finally, let’s talk briefly about Architectural Photography and what an Architectural Photographer does. Most people have seen great work by these professionals. To make the best quality images of buildings takes more than what most freelancers possesses. Having said that, more and more frequently a highly skilled freelancer, like myself, is hired to do these kinds of jobs.

Gateshead has many good professionals locally, as well as those with offices nearby who serve the needs of businesses in and around Gateshead. If you need a local photographer, contact me! If you’re not a fan of my style, then have a look at my ‘useful links’ page for other great local photographers.


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