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Photographers in Newcastle and elsewhere have changed much over the years. Not too long ago a photographer would’ve been permanently employed in a specific role, which may have been as a Conference Photographer, a Corporate Event Photographer, an Architectural Photographer or a Commercial Photographer. Nowadays, a Freelance Photographer is likely to be skilled in all of these areas.

All forms of photography have specialized demands and situations and often a photographer needs more than one string to his bow. Today, everything from Corporate Events to private family functions like weddings and birthdays are covered by professionals who’ve mastered a specific skill set suited to the occasion. Just as Corporate Event Photography and Conference Photography are for Corporate functions, Architectural Photography is for architectural or structural projects. There are also specific skills that deal exclusively with commercial events like product marketing and advertising. This is known as Commercial Photography.

And then finally there is Freelance Photography which is basically an umbrella term. Freelance Photography is when the photographer has many strings to his bow and a wide skill set that encompasses everything from conference events to commercial applications and more. While picking a photographer, always compare their skill set with your needs and look for the right person in Newcastle. If you like my style and approach, then call me now to make a booking.


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