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If you’ve come to this page first, then I’m very disappointed in you! Go on, be off with you! Don’t you want to see how good I am first? You don’t book a hotel based purely on price do you? You make sure you’re getting somewhere pleasant to stay with comfortable beds and helpful staff. Well, it’s the same when you’re booking a photographer; it’s important to make sure you get one who knows their stuff, has quality equipment and isn’t a grumpy old sod!

Head on over to my portfolio section and see how great my work is, so you know you’re getting good value. And why not take the time to find out about me, so that you can see how enjoyable it will be working with me?

I’ll wait right here…


Image of a teddy bear waiting at a train platform


Are you back yet? They were really great pictures weren’t they? That’s not just expensive equipment you know, that’s a good eye complimented by years of training and experience in the field – as well as a wealth of expertise in post production and colour management. And did you read my self-aggrandizing biography? The trick is to read it like you’re doing the voice over for a hollywood movie – it’s just a bit of fun.

It might look like I’m stalling but I do believe that its important for you to find out if I’m a good fit for you – not just for your budget. In any case, it’s very hard to give rates when I don’t know what the project is. I will, however, outline some general price structures below but feel free to contact me for a more exact quote based on your needs.

Please bear in mind that these rates concern my photographer fees only. Additional fees for travel, assistants, studio hire, hair & makeup staff, post production, prints and digital transfer may also apply.

It’s also important to note that these prices are given on the basis that the images you receive are licensed for single use only. If you require extended license, you’ll need to let me know so we can agree on a fair rate depending on your usage intentions.

For these reasons it is important to contact me for a tailored quote. The rates below serve as a guide only.



Corporate | Architectural | Festivals | Models | Landscapes | Weddings


  • Corporate Event/PR Work (Trade Shows, Conferences etc)
    • First hour: £120
    • Hourly rate thereafter: £80
    • Half day rate (4-6hrs): £250
    • Full day rate (6-8hrs): £360
  • Corporate Portraits (on location)
    • Headshots: £50 each
    • Full length: £50 each
    • Combination (1-2hrs shooting, 5-10 edited images for web): £160


  • Architectural – Exterior
    • First hour: £120
    • Hourly rate thereafter: £80
    • Half day rate (4-6hrs): £250
    • Full day rate (6-8hrs): £360
  • Architectural – Interior
    • First hour: £150
    • Hourly rate thereafter: £85
    • Half day rate: £300
    • Full day rate: £420


  • Festival Photography/ Outdoor Events
    • Half Day Rate (3-5hrs): £250
    • Full Day Rate (6-8hrs): £400
    • 2 Day Event (weekday): £725
    • 2 Day Event (w/e, bank holiday): £800
    • Additional hours: £60p/hr


  • Model Portfolio – Standard (Studio)
    • Headshots: £60 each
    • Full Length: £60 each
    • Combination (1-2hrs shoot, 5-10 edited images for web): £175
  • Model Portfolio – Standard (Location)
    • Headshots: £50 each
    • Full Length £50 each
    • Combination (1-2hrs shoot, 5-10 edited images for web): £140
  • Model Portfolio – Creative (Studio)
    • 2 Looks (up to 2hrs shooing): £150
    • 3 Looks (up to 3hrs shooting): £180
    • 5 Looks (4-6hrs shooting): £250
    • 6-10 Looks (6-8hrs shooting): £350
  • Model Portfolio – Creative (Location)
    • 2-3hrs (1-2 Looks): £90
    • Half day (4hrs, max 3 Looks): £180
    • Full day (6hrs, max 5 Looks): £240


  • Travel & Tourism (landscape & cityscape etc)
    • First Hour: £150
    • Hourly rate thereafter: £60
    • Half day rate (4-6hrs): £300
    • Full day rate (6-8hrs): £420


  • Weddings (I only book a few per year. Prices inc min 50 photographs in an album. Style: photojounalist)
    • Pre-wedding portraits (2hrs): £80
    • Main Ceremony: £1,200
    • Ceremony plus Bride & Groom Prep: £1,500
    • Ceremony plus Prep, plus Speeches: £1,800
    • Ceremony, Prep, Speeches & Cake Cutting: £2,000
    • Ceremony, Prep, Speeches, Cake & 1st Dance: £2,500
    • Ceremony, Prep & entire reception (inc speeches, cake, dance etc): £3,000
    • Bride & Groom portraits on the day: additional £500
    • Group shots & Family Portraits on the day: additional £800
    • 2nd Shooter (recommended): £500


Once again, these prices assume that I, the photographer, retain copyright and reproduction rights. They also assume that you, the client, have licensed the images for single use on your website/internal newsletter/portfolio/album. If you wish to send images off to news agencies or 3rd party websites, use them for advertising or obtain an exclusive reproduction license; expect the rates to rise accordingly.

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