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Custom Coats are a Newcastle based company who are making the city look a little bit sexier, one car at a time! They can repair paintwork and bodywork, tint your windows and lights, powder coat your rims and valet your vehicle but what they specialize in is Vinyl Wraps.

When you spend a ton of money on a car but you know it could look cooler with a few carbon fiber touches or a new colour, there’s no need to go out and spend a ton more money on a respray or aftermarket parts. Vinyl wraps are a much more cost effective option and when you get a custom coat from… er… Custom Coats =D), you get a genuine 3M wrap painstakingly applied by Anthony Hall (the sole trader/magician behind the business), which comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Vinyl Wrapping - Newcastle - Custom Coats (11 of 15)

Matte colours are really popular at the moment because they definitely stand out against the crowd of metallic paint coats. Matte black, matte white and matte grey have been around for a while but 3M are always producing new colours. Custom Coats were the first to receive one of the only two rolls of matte blue (shown above on the Audi S-line) sent to the UK on the first export and rumour has it that 3M will be releasing more new colurs soon (think matte red, yellow, maybe purple too) I’m now in the process of photographing 3M’s new 1080 series colours; Matte Red, Matte Purple and Matte Yellow, wrapped by Custom Coats.

 IMG_1623 merged-EditMatte Yellow Mercedes A-Class Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography

Vinyl Wrapping - Newcastle - Custom Coats (1 of 15)

Above is an example of the quality of work you can expect from Custom Coats; this matte black wrap with carbon trim and black gloss wheel paint truly allows the Aston Martin to shine. This picture of this car, incidentally, won Custom Coats the coveted title of 3M Wrap Star 2012.

And that’s where I come in – and where Custom Coats have proven themselves to be forward thinking and willing to go the extra mile for their clients – included in their premium package is a professional photo shoot with yours truly. You get a nice print of your new work of (c)art and something to publish to your favourite social network to make your friend’s jealous. My job is to show the car – and the work – off in the best light and I hope you’ll agree that my images do just that. Browse the gallery below to see more (click the thumbnails to expand, then mouse over or arrow keys to scroll) but before you do that, have a look at this video to see Custom Coats vinyl wrapping in action:





To see more pictures, including before and after shots, check out Custom Coats’ “Hall of Fame” and please do give Anthony a call on 07581642842 if you’re interested in getting a new custom coat for your car. If you’ve already had work done on your car but missed out on the photo shoot, I’m happy to do my thing with your individual car, just contact me to get a quote, you can see more of my car and motorbike photography in my portfolio.

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  1. I can definitely see the difference vinyl wrapping has between a coat of paint. The cars look quite nice that way.

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