Evolution 2012 Festival in Pictures – Exclusive Previews

As usual, you get a first look at the photo’s from Evolution Festival, right here, straight from the horses mouth, so to speak! With headliners Dizzee Rascal and Deadmau5 pulling in a huge crowd, this was a festival not to be missed.

Face painted girls enjoying Evolution 2012 Festival, Newcastle

These are SOOC shots (straight out of camera) with no editing done as yet but I just wanted to give you a taste of Evolution 2012, Newcastle’s biggest festival. As official photographer I have access to all areas, so stay tuned to my blog to see more pictures later in the week (when I’ve sorted through them properly and edited them).
For now, enjoy these exclusive pictures from Evolution 2012, see them here first! Feel free to leave a comment below. Click on the pictures to see full size and cycle through.

If you need a professional photographer to photograph your band, gig or festival, then why not contact me – I’m good you know =D)

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  1. Marna says:

    Hi Cheers for the mention on your blog and here’s to seieng lots of people on the C2C and Hadrian Cycleway dropping in for a cuppa and some food. We are now fully open (except today some large torch coming past for some summer event!!) but after this it is all stations go for the Hub.Cheers

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