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If you’ve been following my tweets recently, then you’ll probably be aware that I’ve been photographing Jambo Truong of The Little Yogi. Jambo is an Integrated Health Consultant and offers a wide variety of therapies to enhance your health and wellbeing, including:

  • Acupuncture
  • Oriental Body Balance
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Yoga Classes

He teaches several yoga classes in Newcastle, using a mixture of Forrest Yoga and Vinyasa Krama to create a style of yoga suited to the stresses experienced by modern day, Western body types.

Graffiti Pictures 012

When Jambo approached me wanting some photographs for a new promotion campaign, he said that he wanted to create some funky, fun pictures using strong yoga postures in gritty urban environments. This is what we have been working on for the last few weeks.

In this first set we wanted to use colourful and creative graffiti art as the backdrop and, fortunately, there are plenty such places in Newcastle to shoot. I wanted to use my flash off camera and have it placed behind Jambo in order to create a nice rim-light seperating him from the background and outlining the form of the posture he was in. This proved to be quite difficult in broad daylight without a radio trigger, so in a lot of the images I had to maintain line of sight with the strobe, meaning there is a lot of lense flare. Both Jambo and I liked how this looked, I hope you will too:

Yoga Graffiti Photographs 001Yoga Graffiti Photographs 002Graffiti Yoga Pictures 003Graffiti Yoga Pictures 004Graffiti Yoga Pictures 005Graffiti Yoga Pictures 006Graffiti Yoga Pictures 007Graffiti Yoga Pictures 008

Graffiti Yoga Pictures 009Graffiti Yoga Pictures 010Graffiti Yoga Pictures 011Graffiti Pictures 012

I’ll be posting more pictures as I edit them. We’ve recently shot another set playing with the concepts of motion and stillness, so keep an eye out for those.

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