Photo Gallery: Embleton Bay & Dunstanburgh Castle Photos

Photograph of Dunstanburgh Castle against a dramatic cirrus sky with the distinctive big black boulders in the foreground.

It’s so rare these days that I get to take photos just for personal pleasure. It’s funny because that’s  what got me into the photography business in the first place – I enjoy making beautiful landscape and architecture pictures and wanted to make money doing something I enjoy.

Nowadays, my aim is to make enough money with my corporate events photography business to allow me the time to shoot what I enjoy when I’m not working. We’re having such beautiful weather in the North east at the moment that you wouldn’t think it was autumn, so I took advantage of a free afternoon and went with my friend Mariella to take some pictures of Dunstanburgh Castle and the nearby Embleton Bay on the Northumberland coast line.

Read on for more pictures.

Embelton Bay isn’t exactly easy to find but that’s part of its charm. I suspect it’s deliberately kept secret by the locals to make sure it isn’t sullied by over exposure =D) You have to head for the Dunstanburgh Castle Hotel in Embelton and then take a reasonably long walk toward the Castle itself.

The walk takes you through a golf course, so keep an eye out for projectiles! Once through the course and through the reeds, you reach the long smooth sandy bay. Even in weather as good as this it was largely deserted.

If you head towards the castle you will soon reach the big, black, egg-shaped rocks made famous by landscape photographers such as Joe Cornish. These look best while still wet, if you want to take photos, try to time your visit for when the tide is going out.

Photograph of paw prints in smooth golden sand with beautiful blue skies and big white clouds - who'd have thought this was Northumberland?
Photograph of Dunstanburgh Castle under big blue skies with white cumulous clouds and Embelton Bay's turquoise water in front.
Photograph of tide rushing in over seaweed on Embleton bay with Dunstanburgh Castle in the background against blue empty sky.

Photograph of smooth sands on Embelton Bay with Dunstanburgh Castle appearing over the horizon.
Photograph of Dunstanburgh Castle against a dramatic cirrus sky with the distinctive big black boulders in the foreground.
Black & White photograph of the black boulders of Embleton Bay with Dunstanburgh Castle in the background and a white, cratered stoone in the foregound, like a fallen moon.

Black & White photograph of rocky foreground with ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle set against a cloudy sky in the background.

photograph of Dunstanburgh Castle ruins with lush green grass and withered nettle plant in the foreground.

It definitely felt good to get back to making some good landscape photographs. I even miss editing them – landscapes take more work in the editing suite than conference photography does simply because of the wider range of textures, colours details and contras. Taking the photograph is only part of the challenge, you also have to know how to get the best from the RAW file to really make the image.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures as much as I enjoyed making them. As always, feel free to comment and let me know what you think. If you’re interested in buying any of my pictures as a nice wall print, canvas print or poster – get in touch!

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