Photo Gallery: Happy Halloween!

Halloween is probably the best time to be an event photographer. I love photographing all the different Halloween costumes and the whole fancy dress aspect just seems to put everyone in a party mood. This year I photographed three Halloween parties in one night and this post has some of my favourite pictures from Krash’s Monsters Ball at Venue, Dragnet’s Halloween Mutant Shakedown at theCUT and Fresh Element’s Fright Night at the Baltic Art Gallery.

red devil halloween costume
So, check out some of the great Halloween costumes and enjoy the pictures and Happy Halloween everyone!

The easiest way to view them is to open one up and use the left and right arrow keys (on screen or on your keyboard) to cycle through them.

corpse bridegroom and ragdoll costume
Group of people in halloween fancy dress
Mr Potato Head fancy dress costume
Devil, crayon, witch - people in halloween costumes
Scooby Doo and Dinosoar fancy dress costumes
Mike Myers and Red Devil Halloween costumes.
Evil Clown Halloween costume
Evil Jester and Mummified Girl - Halloween costumes
Sexy Vampiress and Skeleton Boy at Halloween
Evil Clown and Buzz Light Year Halloween costumes
Zombie Abraham Lincoln drinking Red Stripe at Halloween
Grusome Ghoul Girl Halloween makeup
Acid burns, peeling flesh halloween makeup
Pirate versus Ninja Halloween costumes
Group of girls in colourful halloween costumes
Wolf Man and Cave Girl fancy dress costumes
Sexy Pirate girls Halloween costume party
Group of people in scary halloween costumes
Boys in superhero costumes - Batman, Zorro, Red Ninja
Halloween Vampire Rockstar Male
Halloween costume - girl with Coca-Cola cans in hair
Hot, sexy goth makeup and halloween costumes.
Frankenstein Halloween costume
Snow White's Wicked Witch Halloween outfit
Home-Made Optimus Prime fancy dress costume
Zombie Prisoner girl and murder vicitm Halloween costumes
Black Brides halloween costumes - pretty girls
Horses Head Halloween costume
Cloven Hooved, Horned Red Devil makeup and costume
50's Gangster Girl and sexy nurse halloween outfits
Sexy girl halloween outfits - black cat and usherette
Vampire and furry dog halloween costumes
Sexy Little Red Riding Hood fancy dress costume
Sexy blonde girls in halloween outfits - black cat and barmaid
Group of girls in colourful fancy dress costumes
Mixed group of halloween partygoers
Group of girls in black, sexy witch halloween costumes
Clockwork Orange Halloween costume with movie playing in background
Man and Woman in Joker (Dark Knight) makeup
Evil Jester and Sexy Nurse Halloween costumes

Group of girls in sexy Halloween costumes

Poison Ivy, Sexy Kitten and Sir Shagalot fancy dress outfits
Were Wolf and Zombie Pirate Halloween costumes - male
Self disembowling surgeon costume with coffin in background
Halloween carved pumpkin with party in background
Halloween carved pumpkins with Millennium Eye bridge in background
Mime artist/ Circus Master Halloween makeup & costume
Scary, bloodthirsty, evil clown makeup Halloween costume
Nun, Edward Scissor Hands, Mike Myers Halloween costumes
Beautiful girls with bullet wound hole in the head halloween makeup
Older women in sexy Halloween costumes
Poison Ivy and Black Crow Witch Halloween costumes
Red Riding Hood and Were Wolf Woodsman Halloween costume
Scary home-made Halloween costumes
Sexy Vampire Sailor Girl and Hunky Zombie Pirate Halloween outfits
Colourful Halloween Makeup
Couple in Halloween Makeup and Costumes
Zombie Little Beau Peep and Voodo Priestess Halloween costumes
Halloween outfit - Zombie emerging from coffin
Group of girls in sexy Halloween costumes in nightclub
Sexy French Mime Girl and Green Skeleton Halloween outfits
Halloween Monster costume and Black Raven
Attractive people in Halloween makeup & fancy dress costumes
Scary Halloween Trio in nightclub
Sailor with Pirate's Parrot
Burns Victim and Murdered Prom Queen Halloween costumes
Old-school Batman, Batgirl and Poison Ivy costumes.
Mixed group of halloween partygoers - Zombie YMCA
Zombie Jesus, Nun and Priest ostumes at Halloween
Satan and Poison Ivy Halloween costumes
Amazing Satan Red Devil Halloween makeup - male
Skeleton bunny girl waitress Halloween costume
Girls in Halloween costumes - Mummy & Head Hunter
Larger girls in Halloween witch outfits
Mixed group of halloween partygoers in costume and makeup
Group of girls in scary Halloween costumes

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