Out-takes: Grace Rutherford

I’m off on holiday to have fun in the sun for a week, so I thought I’d share something fun here so that no-one feels left out!

When I photograph models I try to keep things light and fun, so there’s always a lot of laughter on set. I keep shooting regardless because sometimes you get some gems when the model is not posing for the camera. Of course, a lot of the time you end up with shots that you just can’t use commercially. This series of out-takes from my shoot with model Grace Rutherford is something that I’m considering doing every time I photograph a new model. So watch out Newcastle models!

Picture of model laughing when she should be posing.I haven’t processed these pictures, they’re straight out of camera (SOOC), so they may be a little rough around the edges but hopefully they will give you a window into what its like to be photographed by the Subtle Sensor (cue evil laugh – no, It’s not bad really, it’s fun! Just look at these pictures!).

Here are some pictures of Grace laughing when she should be posing… tsk tsk! If we were actors it would be called ‘corpsing’ and is frowned upon. But I don’t mind when it happens on a model portfolio shoot. If only she was laughing with me rather than at me… ah well!

Picture of model laughing and readjusting her underwear. Picture of model laughing whilst trying to stay in pose.
Picture of model laughing when instead of posing. Picture of model laughing when she should be posing.

 Grace also likes to practice her pouting when she thinks I’m not looking:

Picture of model practicing her pout. Picture of model pouting excessively for comic effect.

This is the face Grace makes when I’m being too… abstract with my directions (I studied philosophy so, sometimes I can’t help it). I’ve seen faces like this plenty times before from other models, so it must be me to blame!

Picture of model looking perplexed by my directions. Picture of model looking perplexed by my instructions.

Here’s a random shot of  Grace being molly-coddled by my trusty assistant-for-the-day; the wonderful Dan of DanGrahamPhotography, part of the Freelance North Creative Collective. Dan really is an excellent photographer who excels at street and fashion photography. Anyway, back to Grace, doesn’t she look serene? Like a cat being groomed by an over attentive owner. Models have an easy life don’t they!

Picture of model having her hair brushed on set.

Here’s another silent message from Grace. I think this one’s saying “hurry up and take the shot Daniel, you’ve made me take my clothes off (again) and its not particularly warm in here”… but I could just be being paranoid =D)

Picture of model raising her eyebrow in a comical fashion.

As I mentioned earlier, some ‘out-takes’ are fantastic pictures precisely because the model is relaxed and therefore unprepossessing. These two are my favourites from this shoot:

Picture of model laughing whilst sat on a bench near a rose bush.Picture of model laughing whilst wearing long black socks and black vest.I hope you enjoyed that little look into what its like to shoot with me. If you’re looking for a model photographer in Newcastle upon Tyne then you’ve come to the right place. Have a look at my model portfolio gallery if you’d like to see more and don’t forget to contact me about bookings – I don’t bite, honest! … Well, not hard anyway ha ha! =D)

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