Photo Gallery: Holy Frack, it’s Holly Fraser

Holly frasers First Model ShootHolly is another first time model and I do hope she goes on to do more modelling because she is absolutely beautiful. I got lucky with Holly, I’d run into her on the street and given her a card and then, when I was desperate to fill a slot at short notice due to a model cancelling on me, I discovered a message from Holly in my Facebook account. I contacted her and she agreed to come in. Click through to see the results, you won’t be disappointed!

Holly had never done any modelling before, nor has she had any coaching on how to model, so it was a pretty involving session where I had a to get her to think about how to hold her face and what to do with her hands all while appearing effortlessly graceful and engaged with the camera.

It’s not easy to be both inside your body, sensing how it looks to the camera,  and also present for the lens, looking into it as though you were listening intently to a friend! We concentrated mainly on head-shots because I didn’t want to overwhelm her on her first shoot but Holly proved to be confident and quick to pick up the tips and techniques I was telling her.

As you can see, Holly’s an incredibly beautiful girl and her smile is absolutely electric. Sometimes natural beauty doesn’t translate into being photogenic, at least not without some practice,  but fortunately this was not the case today! I was pleased we got some great shots and I look forward to working with Holly again. 

Model Portfolios in Newcastle by Subtle Sensor Photography

Holly-5161_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography

Holly Fraser's first phot shoot -  by Subtle Sensor Photography

Model Portfolio's by Subtle Sensor Photography

Holly - Model Portfolio -  Subtle Sensor Photography

Glamour Model Portrait Photography by Subtle Sensor Photography

Holly Fraser by Subtle Sensor Photography

Holly Fraser - Model Photography by Subtle Sensor Photography

Model Portfolio's Newcaslte - Subtle Sensor Photography

Holly Fraser - Subtle Sensor Photography

Holly Fraser - Subtle Sensor Photography-2

Model Portfolio Photography | Newcastle upon Tyne

If you’re thinking of modelling, or just want to get some great pictures of yourself, and want to work with a photographer who can be patient, put you at ease and help get the best from your first shoot, then get in touch and we can make a beautiful portfolio for you.

I’m happy photographing models at home, on location or in the studio and I’m comfortable working to artistic nudes or fun, topless glamour shots, so if that’s something you’re interested in you can trust me to be sensitive and professional and to create a fun, safe working space.



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