Photo Gallery: Inked Angel, Kris’ first ever photoshoot

Kris - Glamour Shoo t- Subtle Sensor Photography

I recently bought the Alien Bees ABR800 ring flash and I’ve been dying to do a glamour shoot with it so I can put it through it’s paces. I’ve been trying to persuade Kris to come in and shoot with me since before the ring flash was a thought in my head, so it was nice that she eventually relented just in time for me to get the ring flash on!

In case you don’t know, a ring flash puts out a very flattering, almost shadowless light, which is perfect for doing nudes and glamour photo-shoots. Kris has a lot of nice tattoos and she’s a simply beautiful girl, so dive in and have a look at what we created.


I always get nervous when I’ve asked a girl, who’s never thought about modelling before, to step in front of my camera. I’m pretty good at spotting if a model is going to be photogenic or not but – no matter how appealing she may be in person –  if she’s not confident in front of the lens, then I have a much more difficult task ahead of me.

The job of putting a model at ease can be even more difficult when you need them to pose nude – it’s not normally something I would ask a first timer to do –  but, in this case, the tattoos kind of demanded it! I wasn’t worried about spending more time coaching than shooting (which is very likely in a situation like this) but I was worried about asking too much from a brand new model.

Well, Kris put these fears to rest within the first few frames. She’s a natural in front of the camera; she takes direction really well and, in any case, she looks great without even having to pose! It was an absolute pleasure working with her. This was one of the easiest, most fun shoots I’ve ever done and I’m really pleased with the results:


Kirstie-5476_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography
Kirstie-5467_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography
Kirstie-5510_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography
Kirstie-5529_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography
Kirstie-5497_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography
Kirstie-5493_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography-2
Kirstie-5554_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography
Kirstie-5558_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography

Kirstie-5550_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography
Kirstie-5566_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography-2
Kirstie-5603_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography-2
Kirstie-5624_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography
Kirstie-5626_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography
Kirstie-5585_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography
Kirstie-5559_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography
Kirstie-5571_Daniel Romani - Subtle Sensor Photography

Thanks very much to Kris for making the shoot so much fun; it was baking hot in the studio and her energy kept me going! If you’d like to see more of my model portfolio work, you can check my gallery or my ModelMayhem page. If you need a model photographer to add something beautiful your portfolio, if you’re looking to build a set of glamour images, if you’re an ‘alt-girl’ looking to get into modeling, or if you simply want some nice, calssic nudes for your wall, book me and my fancy new ring flash! 

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