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Daniel Romani - self portrait | Subtle Sensor Photography

Hi, welcome to my online photography portfolio. My name is Daniel Romani and I have been working as a photographer since I graduated college in 1999.

My main passion is architectural photography, I love architecture, exteriors, cityscapes and planned spaces. I enjoy the challenge of representing buildings and cities with the correct sense of reverence in such a way that even the architects themselves find something new to admire.

I am also available for commercial assignments including PR and marketing photography and as your photographer I consider myself to be providing a service; the brief and the client come before my style and ego – although I do try to bring a sense of style to all my commercial photography.

I have extensive experience of event photography in both Newcastle and in London, including corporate functions, conferences and trade show photography. I consider myself to deliver a very professional photographic service and I always aim to make sure the client is at least 100% happy with the images and the service I provide.

I have been hired as a photographer at many¬†private events including weddings,anniversaries, parties, gigs and festivals. My goal in all these situations is to capture as many of the moments, both shared and missed by the client, that help to define the event. So, while you are getting on with the important wedding vows or social networking, your photographer will be keeping an eye out for moments you wished you’d witnessed, and subtle moments that bind together to recreate the ‘feel’ of the event so that you can relive your wedding day or gig night any time you like.

I have also had a lot of experience helping models develop their model portfolios whether that be first time head-shots for a model agency, glamour and fashion photography, or fine art nude work. I consider myself to be a discreet, affordable photographer who always aims to draw the best out of the model so that the resulting portfolio images have value for both the model and myself.

Another passion of mine is landscapes, seascapes and skyscapes. In direct contrast to planned spaces, the beauty that surrounds us as a result of the unpredictable, quiet chaos of nature, is just as awe inspiring to me and I aim to make images that ground the viewer in the scene and hopefully allow them to have a glimpse of life through the lens of my eye.

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