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I started out doing full portfolio’s for new models and I can still do a bit of everything: Portraits, Headshots, Location & Studio work, Lingerie and Fashion. I really enjoy working with new models as the process is more involved than simply setting up lights and clicking the button; I also get to teach models how to pose, how to hold their faces and find the light, which is very rewarding.

My philosophy, when it comes to model photography is to keep the images looking as timeless as possible; I steer away from fashion shoots, preferring more to use style and beauty over novelty and trends. These days I specialize more in Topless Glamour and Art Nude photography, two genres that have changed very little over the years as their purpose is to celebrate the beauty of the female form. I have a portable ring flash, which puts out a very flattering, almost shadowless light; so all I need is a beautiful model and a clutter free space and I can work anywhere! I do enjoy working in the studio though, and frequently make use of  Mayfield Studio in Newcastle city Center.

When it comes to Portrait and Head-shot work, I like to photograph outdoors, using mostly natural light, and my style lends itself to a warm, autumnal feeling. I’m a photographer because I like to capture beauty and freeze-frame it before it changes or fades: skies, landscapes, architecture and of course, models. I wish to create as timeless a piece as possible, which is why I tend more towards nudes than fashion – but I never turn down an opportunity to make another beautiful image!

If you’re a model and you like my work, you can find my Model Mayhem page after the jump.

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