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Daniel Romani - self portrait | Subtle Sensor PhotographyIf this is the first page you’ve landed on (either via a search engine or other external link), then chances are, you probably don’t know that I’m a freelance photographer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, serving North East England and the UK and specialising in Architecture, Conference Photography and Model Portfolio photography.

If so, then perhaps you should take a look at my galleries or find out more about me? Heck, you could even contact me directly to find out how I can help you. (I’m pretty good you know).

If not, then perhaps you’ve had a look around my site and decided that you need a photographer who specialises in something other than what I do, or you simply aren’t too enamoured with my style and you’re here to see if my ‘useful links’ section might send you somewhere more… well, useful to you!


Never fear; to save you trawling through Google, I have indeed included some links further down the page to other talented professional, freelance photographers based in Newcastle upon Tyne, who are all top quality photographers.

There is one more alternative however; maybe you clicked on this link from within my website hoping to find some useful links about me and my work, such as links to my social media sites and what-not? Well, you’re in luck; you can use the ‘follow me’ tab on the right of your screen to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Flickr. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed, which you can use to stay updated about new blog posts using your normal feed reader (personally, I’m a bit of a Google Geek).


Anyways, if you’re still reading, it’s because I promised useful links to other Newcastle photographers – and that I shall deliver! Below you will find links to some of the best photographers in the North East region. My Mam told me its good to share, so I’m sharing this good stuff with you to save you having to trawl through Google. Aren’t I just the best thing since sliced pizza?! (Okay, maybe not that good – but pretty good).

Before you go anywhere else though, you should know that I’m part of a photographic collective: Freelance North. Please check out our website as you may find that one of my colleagues can provide just what you’re looking for. Between us we cover Food photography, Portraits, Events, Architectural photography, Interiors, Festival photography, Editorial and Documentary, Fashion photography and Creative Concepts – so we’re pretty much a one-stop-shop for all your photographic needs in Newcastle and beyond.

Without further ado, here are some links to some other great freelance photographers in Newcastle upon Tyne. Specialisms tend to overlap so they’re presented in no particular order. Be sure to bookmark this page to save you having to search for these again:


I’m now on Google Plus too! Come find me: +DanielRomani.

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