Video & Photo Gallery: Val & Larry’s Wedding Day at Close House

Val & Larry were re-married on the 29th of March, 2012 amidst the beautiful grounds of Close House, near Heddon-on-the-Wall.

Val & Larry's wedding was a beautiful day in beautiful surroundings.

As they’ve been down the aisle together before, they didn’t want a ceremony filled with pomp and circumstance but rather a fun and relaxed celebration spent with some of their closest friends and family in pleasant surroundings – and with plenty of food and drink to go around!

Val must have been practicing her Sun-Salutations before the big day as the weather was uncharacteristically glorious (for March in Newcastle) and really made it easy to enjoy the beautiful country surroundings and decadent interiors of Close House.

Total Beauty and Sherlocks Hair of Hexham were responsible for making sure the bride was at her best. Val wore a beautiful silver and taupe outfit, which she found at local boutique, Panache in Ponteland and she carried a bouquet of pink roses (by Maureen of Gosforth).  Larry wore a suit and tie (because that’s what men wear at these things).

In keeping with the light-hearted mood of their civil ceremony, they chose some quirky songs well suited to a second wedding, including “Let’s hang on to what we’ve got” by Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons, “Mamma Mia” by Abba and Glibert O’Sullivan’s “Matrimony”, which accompanies one of the slide shows below, as well as some upbeat contemporary songs such as “Valerie” (of course) by Amy Winehouse and “One Day Like This” by Elbow.

Larry chose two best men; schoolfriend Mal and work colleague Dave (which meant he got double the roasting when it was time for the speeches). The room where the ceremony was held was beautifully decorated and bathed in sunlight. Val was walked down the aisle by her friend ‘Chuck’ and there were readings from Larry’s Daughter, Laura,  and Mal’s Daughter Helen. Dave’s son (and budding actor) Patrick played the role of ring bearer.

Everything went off without a hitch… well, that is if you discount the fact that they did actually get ‘hitched’ and overlook the part where Larry fumbled the ring… *ahem* … moving swiftly on.

After enjoying cocktails and canapes in the sun, a three course meal with the speeches and the cake cutting followed. Larry’s speech had everyone laughing – and Val blushing – as he gave her a right roasting but Val got her own back with her speech, accompanied with props including long-johns and headache tablets (sorry Larry, no “nuptials” for you!) – in any case, Val was only there for the cake really.

Did I mention Val is a self-confessed cake monster? I probably should have because that explains the three tiered vanilla, chocolate and fruit cake; for the girl who wants to have her cake and eat it! In the slideshow below, you can see Val wielding the cake knife in an attempt to keep the whole thing to herself… it was shared amongst everyone eventually – but that was probably just keeping up appearances for the camera 😉

The celebrations (that’s posh for ‘consumption of alcohol’) went on until the sun was well and truly gone and bacon sarnies were supplied at 11pm for those hardcore enough to keep going!

Below are two slideshows, one which is representative of the album presentation I created and the other, longer, one has all the best images arranged in roughly chronological order (they’re best viewed at 1080p if your data connection allows it and in full screen mode, otherwise they look quite fuzzy (use the gear icon to change the resolution settings). I’ve also included some of my favourite pictures from the day.




If you were at Val and Larry’s wedding and would like to buy prints or purchase a DVD of the slideshows, you can contact me here or use the details in the page footer.

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