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How To: Maximise your earnings from any given photography assignment. — 4 Comments

  1. dude, you my friend are awesome. I never really thought of cross licensing the photos before. What kind of releases and terms do you typically have your clients sign

    • Hey,

      Thanks for commenting. I really like your website!

      I always find out from the client how they intend to use my images then I structure the usage license so that it suits them but is restricted only to those uses we discussed. I make it clear that they are licensing the images (usually for 2 years) and that I get to keep copyright – unless they’d like to buy me a Ducati 1098 of course. This allows me to exploit other ways of making money from the images (or add to my collection of Ducati 1098’s of course, ha ha).

      Some stuff, like conference work, gets an unlimited license. This is because the nature of the pictures gives them a short life span and limited uses, so there’s no benefit to me in creating a restrictive license.


  2. you are awesome, this is such a great idea, but Im afraid Im not to sure about how copyright works, i mean understand the basics, but if i for an example shoot at a nightclub paid by the night club to be there, will all it takes for me to put it on a stuck site be to make sure i keep the copyright to the picture, and only license them to use them for a year/10 years or for ever?

    would i need the aprovel of the person/persons in the picture?

    again, rely awesome idea and good guide thank’s vary much!

    • Hi Carl,

      To upload pictures of people to stock sites, you need to supply copies of signed model release forms for each and every person, so this isn’t feasible for nightclub photography.

      You could probably upload generic shots of crowds silhouetted against the club lights, or faceless crowds at a foam party or something, but not the standard ‘squeeze-together-and-smile’ shots.

      The club generally only need the pictures for a week, next week you’ll be shooting new ones and last week’s will be old news.

      But, as long as you make it clear that you keep copyright, you can licence them till the club indefinitely and still make money from the pictures (by selling prints or keyrings or something).

      Hope that helps!


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